Kia America Sets Best-Ever Sales Record in Company History

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2022 Kia SUV Lineup


Kia America announced its sales figures for September, closing at a total of 52,906 units, mainly led by the Forte and Telluride models. Third-quarter sales for the automaker in the U.S. make up a total of 177,014 units, the best sales figures to date. Thus far, Kia managed to sell 555,525 units in the first nine months of the 2021 calendar year, which is a nine percent increase over the previous figures of last year within the same timeframe. The South Korean automaker is on track to do even better in 2022 with its electric and hybrid vehicles such as the EV6, the Sorento Plug-in Hybrid, and the Niro EV.          

Kia’s Sales Momentum

For September (2021), Kia also managed to sell 77 percent of its available inventory and witnessed an increase in its hybrid and electric vehicles sales. The automaker’s flagship electric vehicle will be the new EV6 that is scheduled to arrive in Kia dealerships in early 2022. According to the Vice President of Sales Operations, Eric Watson, Kia’s sales momentum is expected to grow in 2022, with many consumers opting for family SUVs and sedans. However, in the highly competitive EV segment that is emerging, other automakers will want a piece of the pie, and Kia will have to do everything it can to stay relevant and competitive in the marketplace.  

Sales Figures by Vehicle

The best-selling vehicle for the automaker in 2021 thus far is the Kia Forte, with a total of 93,026 units sold. Second place goes to the Kia Sportage with 78,778 units, and the third-place spot goes to the K5 sport sedan at 73,472 units sold. However, Kia still has three months left in the year to ramp those figures up. We can expect an increase in vehicle sales, mainly in the sedan and SUV categories. For September, the 2022 Kia Telluride was the best selling vehicle with a total of 9,278 units sold, that is 449 more units than last year for the same month, a five percent increase.          

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